When you decide to invest or create a new home in a new country, your lifestyle changes are an important element to consider. The Belize Rainforest Reserve is the perfect choice for individuals and families who want their own space, but also want opportunities to meet like-minded individuals in a safe and relaxing setting. If you are considering purchasing a rainforest property in Belize, and potentially retiring in Belize, you’ll want opportunities to meet your neighbors as you’ll likely have similar lifestyle interests and values. We have kept this in mind in our design plans for the Belize Rainforest Reserve Community.

In terms of community design, plots and homes at the Belize Rainforest Reserve have been intentionally grouped into small villages in an effort to ensure community living and neighborhood security.


The Belize Rainforest Reserve clubhouse will be a lushly landscaped and spacious community hub which will feature an outdoor swimming pool, open and covered deck, kitchen and lounge for residents to use and host events. The clubhouse serves as a central gathering place for all members of the community. It has been designed for you to relax with friends old and new and enjoy the picturesque view overlooking the rolling hills and rainforest of the Belize Rainforest Reserve.


The Belize Rainforest Reserve is situated in the Cayo district, which is in Western Belize. Many activities are available within a short distance, and appeal to people of all ages and activity levels. With the freedom to choose your own schedule and only adhere to the clock that you manage, the opportunities are endless.

Perhaps you want to design a garden plot and grow your own fruit and vegetables (everything grows in Belize!), or maybe you’d like to learn the many medicinal secrets that the jungle holds or explore the caves and Maya ruins with guided expeditions. Belize has something for everyone and the Belize Reserve is close to it all.

Natural Environment

At the Belize reserve, we care about the protection and preservation of the land and diverse ecosystem that we have the luxury of developing – placing a major emphasis on sustainability. As developers and staff, we will make every effort to minimize overall impact on the property and the surrounding area. The majority of the development on The Belize Rainforest Reserve will take place on land that has already cleared in the past, in an effort to reduce our environmental footprint. The overall footprint of the Belize Rainforest Reserve and The Baymen Hotel will be less than 2% of our thousand-acre property.

Eco-building guidelines will preserve the intent and future sustainability of the community. Home plans and architectural eco-construction services are available to all owners to ensure a standard of sustainability within the community.


Although Belize is one of the safest and most secure countries in which to live, the Belize Rainforest Reserve offers residents the additional security of living in a fully gated community. The Belize Rainforest Reserve will also have security and caretakers for your property available 24/7.