Within the Belize Reserve there are a number of village communities, each of which are separated naturally by areas of lush rainforest, small hills and fresh-water streams – in an effort to develop and build around the thriving flora in each area. Within each ‘village’, individual freehold land plots are available – each plot being approximately half an acre in size. As a plot owner you are able to select a house design that best suits your needs.

Community Plan

The design and build of each home uses a process that is environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout the life cycle: from design to construction, operation and maintenance.

The houses are completely ecologically friendly in the way that they are built; using primarily locally sourced wood; and self sufficient in how they are run, with solar power providing hot water and electricity. The sewerage system utilizes anaerobic bacteria and is not only environmentally friendly but requires no electricity. The ongoing running and maintenance costs are therefore very minimal.

When it comes to selection the design of your home we have several options for you to choose from, depending on your level of interest in the design and building process. You can also come up with a completely bespoke design and our experienced construction crew can turn your dream plans into reality.

Design And Build Services

A variety of different house designs can be built on the plots, with the houses being designed to fit in with the surrounding flora and fauna, with the emphasis being on light and nature; with large floor to ceiling windows; open plan living areas and hardwood decking providing outside lounge areas and extended bedrooms.

There are a variety of different house designs to choose from, or you can design your own, providing it is in keeping with the Belize Rainforest Reserve. Our experienced design and construction team handle the whole build process from start to finish.

Turn-Key investment

Whether you decide to choose one of the designs we have or come up with a new design we can offer a complete turn-key service and deliver you a home that you can move right into or immediately rent out. We can assist with the importation of furniture or personal belongings, making an investment in Belize Reserve completely hassle-free.

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