Belize Rainforest Reserve

The Belize Rainforest Reserve is a unique, ecological community, combining environmentally friendly, self sufficient homes; a boutique eco-hotel, wildlife reserve, conservation center and organic fair-trade gardens, in one of the Caribbean’s most up and coming investment and vacation destinations – Belize, which is English speaking and has no restrictions on foreign property ownership.

Project Overview

The Belize Rainforest Reserve incorporates an area of almost a thousand acres, including stunning lush green rolling hills, streams, natural springs and sub-tropical rainforest. The Belize Rainforest Reserve is a completely new concept of development that is a perfect balance of property development and environmental protection and awareness, offering seclusion but also being only a short distance from amenities and services. The whole reserve will be completely self-sufficient and environmentally friendly – an eco-resort in the truest sense.

The Belize Reserve will be a showcase for sustainable, self-sufficient development, a wonderful and thrilling place to visit and a unique place to live.

The development offers stunning natural beauty, a safe community and international standards of management. For anyone wanting an affordable property in the Caribbean or Central America that they can use as much as they want, the Belize Rainforest Reserve is arguably the most attractive option on the market. The combination of additional benefits such as the wildlife reserve, organic fair trade gardens and clubhouse facilities create an enriching environment.

Whether you are looking for a land banking opportunity, a high yielding rental property or somewhere to escape the winter months, or even retire to, the Belize Rainforest Reserve offers a diverse range of opportunities.


Belize is located on the Caribbean coast, nestled between Mexico and Guatemala and less than a two-hour flight from many US cities, with direct fights from Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, Miami and New York. This small but beautiful country offers an intriguing mix of tropical forests, majestic mountains, breath-taking beaches and Mayan temples. Sixty percent of the country is forested, which is an unusual trait for this region – with exotic wildlife and one of the world’s richest assemblages of biodiversity. Over 45 globally threatened species, including the jaguar, harpy eagle, and the Tapir (Belize’s National animal) rely on this critical habitat and at least 18 species can be found nowhere else on Earth.

Belize Rainforest Reserve

The Belize Rainforest Reserve is located in Western Belize in the ‘Cayo’ District. The Belize Rainforest Reserve is surrounded by another government-protected natural reserve (Tapir Reserve), but remains surprisingly well connected – with an airstrip twenty minutes away, providing convenient accessibility. The three closest cities to the reserve are San Ignacio (25 minute drive), – which provides an excellent range of shops, bars and restaurants), Belmopan (25 minute drive), the country’s capital city and Belize City (1 hour 15mins drive), the country’s largest city and home to the international airport.

Cayo District

The lush and verdant Cayo District provides endless activities for nature lovers and outdoor activity enthusiasts. There is something for everyone at every fitness level. Nearby adventures include stunning thousand-foot waterfalls, swimming in the fresh water pools of the magical secret falls, chocolate plantation tours, taking a family photo at one of the many Maya archeological sites, guided mountain biking and river rafting, rainforest and botanical tours, horse-back riding and bird watching in the jungle-sheathed mountains.

Caribbean Sea

The Caribbean Sea is just over an hour away and Placencia’s palm-fringed beaches, heavenly islands, turquoise waters and world-class diving, fishing and snorkeling are easily accessible in two and half hours. Excellent diving can be found at Silk Cayes and Glover’s Reef and at certain times of the year, divers can enjoy the company of a whale shark – one of only a handful of places on the planet. What sets diving in Belize apart is that you often do not have to share the reef with other tourists and can find yourselves alone on this magnificent reef – which is the second largest in the world

Belize provides the best of both worlds, and the size of the country allows residents the chance to enjoy the benefits of beach and rainforest living. The combination of idyll with infrastructure makes the Belize Rainforest Reserve an unparalleled opportunity and a natural choice for investment, retirement or for the ultimate vacation home.


Within the Belize Reserve there are a number of village communities, each of which are separated naturally by areas of lush rainforest, small hills and fresh-water streams – in an effort to develop and build around the thriving flora in each area. Within each ‘village’, individual freehold land plots are available – each plot being approximately half an acre in size. As a plot owner you are able to select a house design that best suits your needs.

Half-acre land plots start at USD$45,000 and detached homes from USD$90,000.

Community Plan

The design and build of each home uses a process that is environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout the life cycle: from design to construction, operation and maintenance.

The houses are completely ecologically friendly in the way that they are built; using primarily locally sourced wood; and self sufficient in how they are run, with solar power providing hot water and electricity. The sewerage system utilizes anaerobic bacteria and is not only environmentally friendly but requires no electricity. The ongoing running and maintenance costs are therefore very minimal.

When it comes to selection the design of your home we have several options for you to choose from, depending on your level of interest in the design and building process. You can also come up with a completely bespoke design and our experienced construction crew can turn your dream plans into reality.

Design And Build Services

A variety of different house designs can be built on the plots, with the houses being designed to fit in with the surrounding flora and fauna, with the emphasis being on light and nature; with large floor to ceiling windows; open plan living areas and hardwood decking providing outside lounge areas and extended bedrooms.

There are a variety of different house designs to choose from, or you can design your own, providing it is in keeping with the Belize Rainforest Reserve. Our experienced design and construction team handle the whole build process from start to finish.

Turn-Key investment

Whether you decide to choose one of the designs we have or come up with a new design we can offer a complete turn-key service and deliver you a home that you can move right into or immediately rent out. We can assist with the importation of furniture or personal belongings, making an investment in Belize Reserve completely hassle-free.


When you decide to invest or create a new home in a new country, your lifestyle changes are an important element to consider. The Belize Rainforest Reserve is the perfect choice for individuals and families who want their own space, but also want opportunities to meet like-minded individuals in a safe and relaxing setting. If you are considering purchasing a rainforest property in Belize, and potentially retiring in Belize, you’ll want opportunities to meet your neighbors as you’ll likely have similar lifestyle interests and values. We have kept this in mind in our design plans for the Belize Rainforest Reserve Community.

In terms of community design, plots and homes at the Belize Rainforest Reserve have been intentionally grouped into small villages in an effort to ensure community living and neighborhood security.


The Belize Rainforest Reserve clubhouse will be a lushly landscaped and spacious community hub which will feature an outdoor swimming pool, open and covered deck, kitchen and lounge for residents to use and host events. The clubhouse serves as a central gathering place for all members of the community. It has been designed for you to relax with friends old and new and enjoy the picturesque view overlooking the rolling hills and rainforest of the Belize Rainforest Reserve.


The Belize Rainforest Reserve is situated in the Cayo district, which is in Western Belize. Many activities are available within a short distance, and appeal to people of all ages and activity levels. With the freedom to choose your own schedule and only adhere to the clock that you manage, the opportunities are endless.

Perhaps you want to design a garden plot and grow your own fruit and vegetables (everything grows in Belize!), or maybe you’d like to learn the many medicinal secrets that the jungle holds or explore the caves and Maya ruins with guided expeditions. Belize has something for everyone and the Belize Reserve is close to it all.

Natural Environment

At the Belize reserve, we care about the protection and preservation of the land and diverse ecosystem that we have the luxury of developing – placing a major emphasis on sustainability. As developers and staff, we will make every effort to minimize overall impact on the property and the surrounding area. The majority of the development on The Belize Rainforest Reserve will take place on land that has already cleared in the past, in an effort to reduce our environmental footprint. The overall footprint of the Belize Rainforest Reserve and The Baymen Hotel will be less than 2% of our thousand-acre property.

Eco-building guidelines will preserve the intent and future sustainability of the community. Home plans and architectural eco-construction services are available to all owners to ensure a standard of sustainability within the community.


Although Belize is one of the safest and most secure countries in which to live, the Belize Rainforest Reserve offers residents the additional security of living in a fully gated community. The Belize Rainforest Reserve will also have security and caretakers for your property available 24/7.

Qualified Retired Persons Program (QRP)

Belize boasts one of the world’s best retiree programs. Through the Qualified Retired Persons Program, the Belizean government gives qualified retirees an exemption from taxes on all income derived from sources outside Belize. Foreigners are attracted by the low cost of living, slow-paced lifestyle, nature and water sports. Belize is the only Central American nation using English, not Spanish, as their first language - which is helpful when adjusting to living in a new country.

However, you don’t have to be retired—or even of retirement age—to take advantage of the QRP program. You must be at least 45 years old, be able to show a monthly income of $2,000 or more and comply with some other minor requirements. To keep your QRP status you must spend just one month of the year in Belize, non-consecutively.

Qualified retirees can also import a specified amount of personal and household goods without having to pay import duties or other taxes on goods up to the value of $15,000 - this includes a car, boat or plane.

Taxes in Belize

Qualified retired persons (QRPs) are considered non-residents for purposes of banking, meaning they can set up a U.S. dollar bank account with a local or offshore bank in Belize. They are also allowed to engage in gainful employment as long as most of their business activity takes place outside Belize and is conducted exclusively with non-residents of Belize. This is especially important for expats who wish to maintain a consulting business from their second home in Belize.

Investing in Belize real estate is a good idea for numerous reasons, not the least of which, there is no capital gains tax paid at the time of sale, nor is there any inheritance tax. From a real estate capital appreciation perspective, it does not get any better.

Other Advantages

  • Exemption from all local taxes and foreign exchange restrictions for international business companies (IBC)
  • Well developed financial services industry, telecommunications system and professional infrastructure
  • Common law legal system based on English law and stable political system with long history of peaceful and democratic development
  • Belize offshore IBCs are exempt from all local taxes including income tax, dividend tax, capital gain tax and stamp duty on transfer of corporate property, shares, and other corporate financial instruments
  • Belize offshore companies are not required to file tax returns or any other type of report or declaration to the government regarding sources of income

Capital Growth

In a well-chosen market, property investment offers excellent prospects for capital growth. The Belize Rainforest Reserve is a unique investment opportunity for a variety of different reasons. Land and property in Belize is undervalued, despite the country’s strategic location and many attractions. More and more people, particularly Americans and Canadians, want to buy property in Belize to use as a second home or for retirement, which is being fuelled by Belize’s excellent retirement packages. Although real estate in Belize is much cheaper than elsewhere in the Caribbean there is not much choice on the market, particularly for retirees wanting an affordable, safe and enjoyable development to move to.

Belize is poised to experience a property boom similar to what Costa Rica and Panama had in the past. An investment in the Belize Rainforest Reserve would position you to own some of the most pristine rainforest in the world has to offer.

Belize is still considered to be a very affordable entry point for investors looking to get into the property market. Belize being the only English speaking country in the region is seeing increasing demand year after year. With all the advantages and benefits Belize has going for it, the property market is showing no signs of slowing down. Once the first construction phase is completed, the prices of lots will increase. Lots at The Belize Rainforest Reserve are available on a first-come basis only.

Rental Potential

There are very few quality rental properties available in Belize, with a distinct lack in the Cayo area. Properties in Belize Reserve will have potential for both short-term (nightly and weekly) rentals, as well as longer-term rentals for six to twelve months. Nightly rates at The Baymen Hotel start at $350 and so houses at Belize Rainforest Reserve may be a more attractive option for families and groups. A full rental management service is available.

The Baymen

The Baymen is a luxury boutique hotel that is being built on the 1,000 acre property that incorporates Belize Rainforest Reserve. The hotel will feature a spa, restaurant, bar, cigar lounge, swimming pool and wine cave. Owners and Guests at the Belize Reserve will be able to benefit from the amenities at The Baymen, subject to availability. The hotel will open in 2019.

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