Belize Rainforest Reserve

The Belize Rainforest Reserve is a unique, ecological community, combining environmentally friendly, self sufficient homes; a boutique eco-hotel, wildlife reserve, conservation center and organic fair-trade gardens, in one of the Caribbean’s most up and coming investment and vacation destinations – Belize, which is English speaking and has no restrictions on foreign property ownership.

Project Overview

The Belize Rainforest Reserve incorporates an area of almost a thousand acres, including stunning lush green rolling hills, streams, natural springs and sub-tropical rainforest. The Belize Rainforest Reserve is a completely new concept of development that is a perfect balance of property development and environmental protection and awareness, offering seclusion but also being only a short distance from amenities and services. The whole reserve will be completely self-sufficient and environmentally friendly – an eco-resort in the truest sense.

The Belize Reserve will be a showcase for sustainable, self-sufficient development, a wonderful and thrilling place to visit and a unique place to live.

The development offers stunning natural beauty, a safe community and international standards of management. For anyone wanting an affordable property in the Caribbean or Central America that they can use as much as they want, the Belize Rainforest Reserve is arguably the most attractive option on the market. The combination of additional benefits such as the wildlife reserve, organic fair trade gardens and clubhouse facilities create an enriching environment.

Whether you are looking for a land banking opportunity, a high yielding rental property or somewhere to escape the winter months, or even retire to, the Belize Rainforest Reserve offers a diverse range of opportunities.