Belize is located on the Caribbean coast, nestled between Mexico and Guatemala and less than a two-hour flight from many US cities, with direct fights from Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, Miami and New York. This small but beautiful country offers an intriguing mix of tropical forests, majestic mountains, breath-taking beaches and Mayan temples. Sixty percent of the country is forested, which is an unusual trait for this region – with exotic wildlife and one of the world’s richest assemblages of biodiversity. Over 45 globally threatened species, including the jaguar, harpy eagle, and the Tapir (Belize’s National animal) rely on this critical habitat and at least 18 species can be found nowhere else on Earth.

Belize Rainforest Reserve

The Belize Rainforest Reserve is located in Western Belize in the ‘Cayo’ District. The Belize Rainforest Reserve is surrounded by another government-protected natural reserve (Tapir Reserve), but remains surprisingly well connected – with an airstrip twenty minutes away, providing convenient accessibility. The three closest cities to the reserve are San Ignacio (25 minute drive), – which provides an excellent range of shops, bars and restaurants), Belmopan (25 minute drive), the country’s capital city and Belize City (1 hour 15mins drive), the country’s largest city and home to the international airport.

Cayo District

The lush and verdant Cayo District provides endless activities for nature lovers and outdoor activity enthusiasts. There is something for everyone at every fitness level. Nearby adventures include stunning thousand-foot waterfalls, swimming in the fresh water pools of the magical secret falls, chocolate plantation tours, taking a family photo at one of the many Maya archeological sites, guided mountain biking and river rafting, rainforest and botanical tours, horse-back riding and bird watching in the jungle-sheathed mountains.

Caribbean Sea

The Caribbean Sea is just over an hour away and Placencia’s palm-fringed beaches, heavenly islands, turquoise waters and world-class diving, fishing and snorkeling are easily accessible in two and half hours. Excellent diving can be found at Silk Cayes and Glover’s Reef and at certain times of the year, divers can enjoy the company of a whale shark – one of only a handful of places on the planet. What sets diving in Belize apart is that you often do not have to share the reef with other tourists and can find yourselves alone on this magnificent reef – which is the second largest in the world

Best of Both Worlds

Belize provides the best of both worlds, and the size of the country allows residents the chance to enjoy the benefits of beach and rainforest living. The combination of idyll with infrastructure makes the Belize Rainforest Reserve an unparalleled opportunity and a natural choice for investment, retirement or for the ultimate vacation home.

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